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How does a solar PV system work?

There are three primary steps in a solar PV system. First, solar panels convert sunlight to DC current. Next, an inverter converts DC electricity to AC current. Finally, electricity is delivered to the premises and consumed as needed. 

Does solar make sense for my business?

It the majority of cases the answer is, almost certainly Yes. Most businesses rely on centralized grids which are prone to frequent and extended outages and tariffs are high. Diesel Generators are expensive, noisy, polluting and at the mercy of diesel price fluctuations and pilferage. A solar PV solution that powers a large part of your business’ energy consumption decentralizes some of your supply, provides peace of mind and control, dramatically reduces carbon emissions and has a measurable impact on your bottom line.

Can I go 100% solar?

Technically, assuming there is sufficient rooftop or ground mount space, you could go 100% solar using storage. However, commercially, whilst it makes sense if you are off grid, if you are grid connected then a 100% solar + storage solution may not make financial sense and a grid tied solution might be more feasible.

What permits and approvals are required?

This depends on the country of operation and size of the system. Our pre installation team will work with you to ensure all permits and approvals are obtained before installation begins.

I want a rooftop solar PV system. Can my roof take the weight of the system?

The final design stage of a SPEG installed rooftop solar PV system includes a full structural survey and report on whether the roof can take the load of the solar PV system and walkways or if any modifications are required. Our pre installation team will advise you of any issues ahead of final contract signing.

Can my entire roof be used for a rooftop solar PV system?

In nearly all cases the answer is no. The useable roof space is usually smaller than the total rooftop space due to the exclusion of certain areas due to shadows and the need to place walkways on the roof as well. Skylights on the roof will further reduce the useable area. Our design team spend a considerable amount of time using sophisticated software, to analyse shadows and are trained to maximise the useable area without significantly impacting generation.

Why do SPEG’s rooftop solar PV systems come with access stairs, walkways, lifelines and cleaning systems?

Solar PV systems are long term assets which require regular maintenance to ensure optimal generation and therefore maximum benefits for the user. In order to carry out regular O&M and cleaning of modules on the roof, there needs to be safe access to the roof and walkways and lifeline systems to ensure walking on the roofs is done in a safe manner without damaging the sheets. The cleaning system provided (pipes, pumps, brushes, etc.) ensure modules are kept clean to once again allow for optimal generation”. The higher generation and therefore lower cost of power from our systems far outweighs the higher initial capital cost.

What are the benefits of a SPEG solution?

A SPEG solution provides your business with the following benefits:

  • A high quality solar PV system with storage, if applicable.
  • Significant financial savings
  • Provides a reliable and more predictable power source
  • Protects the environment by reducing your carbon footprint
  • Avoids inflation and increase in grid tariff
  • Potential tax benefits

Does SPEG offer Operation and Maintenance (O&M) services?

Our on the ground O&M team provide O&M services for all systems installed by SPEG. We do not offer O&M services for systems installed by other solutions providers. All of our systems come with remote monitoring systems (RMS) and are monitored on a daily basis.

What projects have you already done in East Africa?

SPEG has completed a number of projects in East Africa. Visit our Featured Projects for more information.

What solutions can SPEG provide?

SPEG provides a full turnkey rooftop or ground mount solar PV solution including the Engineering, Design, Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and O&M of a solar PV system (with or without storage). Our finance company, Starsight Premier Energy Finance, offers a variety of financing options to allow you to acquire your system with minimum capital outlay and hassle. Financing is structured to maximise any tax benefits that may be available.

Do you offer financing?

Our finance company, Starsight Premier Energy Finance, offers a variety of financing options (Asset Finance, Lease to Own, PPA) to allow you to acquire your system with minimum capital outlay and hassle. Financing is structured to maximise any tax benefits that may be available.

Learn more about financing.

How long will it take to get my solar PV system?

The timeframe from signing of contracts to handover ranges from 3-6 months depending on the system size and location (excluding any license processing times). Learn more about the typical process from beginning to end for a SPEG project.

I want to know more about the solutions you can offer. How do I get a proposal?

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